It shouldn’t come as a surprise that CBD oil is taking the nutritional and health market by storm. More and more people are becoming aware of the many benefits that the substance can provide. The same thing can be said about vaping. In fact, this is why many individuals are starting to vape CBD oil. Not only is this a relaxing way to consume the substance, but also it is one of the most effective methods available. When you vape CBD you can almost feel the effects immediately because it bypasses the liver and goes straight to the bloodstream. That being said, vaping is not something that you can just jump right into. There are a lot of ins and outs and the equipment can be complicated. And this is why it is best to invest in a starter kit to get you started.

What Are Vape Pen Starter Kits?

The good thing about vape pen starter kits is that they pretty much come included with everything that you need to get started vaping. This pretty much makes everything straightforward. So, what exactly is a vape pen? Vape pens are extremely similar to e-cigarettes in the manner in which they work and look. They are small, thin, and extremely discreet. They do require maintenance from time to time like recharging and refilling.

Every pen will include a light that will let you know when the cartridge is empty and some even have a button that must be pressed before the battery applies power to the heat source. Not only do these pens require maintenance, but it is possible that some of the components might break down as well. There are five basic components that make a vape pen function. These components are the battery, button, tank/cartridge, atomizer (heat source), and the mouthpiece. The great thing about investing in the starter kit is that everything you need comes included. However, it is still important to know what each component is and its function.

Know The Components

As you just learned there are five major components when it comes to a vape pen.

  • The Tank Or Cartridge – The starter vape kit will either come with a tank or a cartridge, depending on the model that you invest in. The refillable pens use the tank and the disposable pens utilize the cartridge. The main purpose of this component it to simply hold the oil. Tank models can be constructed with a variety of material and most people like plastic or glass because they can actually see the oil.
  • Atomizer – The atomizer is basically the heating element that gets hot and turns the oil into the vapor that you inhale.
  • Button – When the battery is inserted into the pen you might have to push a button to start the heating process. Some might automatically start heating when you inhale.
  • Battery – The battery basically is just the device that powers the heating element. The battery that comes with the starter kit is rechargeable, but most people like to carry a spare because the life of the battery might not hold up. The battery life depends on the amount that you are going to be vaping.
  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece is pretty much just what the name suggests. It is the portion of the pen that you put your mouth on and inhale through.

How To Use Your Starter Kit

Since the starter kit comes with everything that you need, you will be ready to get started right away. However, you will still have to assemble the pen and know how to use it. The first thing you are going to make to do is make sure the battery is charged. You can plug the battery into any USB port and it will charge. Now, if you are using a refillable tank you will have to measure in the CBD oil. There will probably be a fill line and you do not want to overfill it.

If you are using a cartridge style pen all you will have to do is simply load in the cartridge. You might also have to assemble the mouthpiece by simply threading it on the end of the pen. Now, that everything else is assembled you will have to thread the battery onto the heating element portion of the pen. Depending on the model that you own you will simply either hit a button or just start inhaling to start the heating process. Just remember that if you don’t have a button, you don’t want to start by inhaling very hard right away because you won’t actually be getting a hit.

How To Buy Vape Starter Kits

With CBD oil and vaping both growing in popularity everyday there are now a variety of sources that can provide you with a starter kit. You can always shop online, buy from a head shop, or find a kit in a smoke shop. Any local vape shop will be able to supply you with what you are looking for. However, these starter kits can vary in price depending on the models and features that you are looking for, but whatever the case, you always want to make sure that you are shopping from a reputable vendor. This is especially true if you are shopping online.

Make sure you take the time to research the company and the products that they are offering. Read customer testimonials to see what other buyers have said about the company and products.

What To Consider When Investing In A Pen Starter Kit

When you are investing in a pen vapor starter kit there are a variety of factors that one must consider.

  • Number Of Hits – Any good starter kit should provide you with at least 100 to 200 hits. Each manufacturer is going to vary, but you want to look for a pen that is somewhere within this range.
  • Life Of The Battery – If you are going to be taking many hits throughout the day, you are without a doubt going to have to consider the quality of the battery. Most starter kits will come with a lithium ion battery, which is extremely resilient with a pretty long lifespan.
  • Charge Time – The same thing applies for the charge time of the battery. You probably don’t want to be sitting around all day in pain waiting on your battery to charge.
  • Utilizes Oil – CBD oil starter kits should already be setup to handle oil, but the vape market is confusing and there are some untrustworthy vendors. Not every starter kit is equipped to handle oil extracts. The oil will make the atomizer and other components wear down faster. Just make sure the one you are investing in was specifically designed to handle CBD oils.