If you are a fan of CBD oils, it is likely that you have heard of Charlotte’s Web. This CBD oil has been described as pure, potent and non-psychoactive. Its name derives from a 6-year-old girl, Charlotte, who was able to get relief from her seizures utilizing it. This story has encouraged others with seizures to utilize Charlotte’s Web CBD oil as well. These reports show the effectiveness of Charlotte’s Web for seizures, but the question still remains, can it be utilized to treat other medical conditions.


Brothers, Paige and Matt Stanley, developed the CBD oil specifically for Charlotte, who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome when she was just six months old. By the time she reached the age of six, she was experiencing more than 300 seizures each week.

Once Charlotte’s discovered that there was no cure for Dravet Syndrome, they felt hopeless. Even though doctors told Charlotte’s parents that her condition would deteriorate throughout her life, they were not willing to give up on their daughter.

Contains Little To No THC

As mentioned above, CBD has little to no effect on the mental processes. For this reason, it has become extremely popular in the medical community. Many physicians do not feel comfortable recommending drugs that change the brain function in young children and senior citizens. In states where Cannabis has been legalized for medical purposes, some physicians are beginning to prescribe CBD oil to their patients with seizures, because it does not alter mood, cognition, behavior, perception or consciousness.

Mild Depression

Charlotte’s Web contains properties that are capable of enhancing mood. For individuals who suffer from mild depression, a less severe form of depression with few symptoms, life can seem hopeless. Many of these individuals do not have health care insurance, so they treat their condition with alcohol and illicit drugs, which are addictive.

With so many states adopting laws to legalize cannabis, more and more people will have access to CBD oils, such as Charlotte’s Web. While some people may not consider mild depression as a life-threatening condition, it can cause premature mortality and cardiac problems.

Reports have shown that Charlotte’s Web has the ability to enhance mood in individuals with mild depression. However, it is not recommended to alternate prescription antidepressants with CBD oil without consulting a medical expert. It is also not recommended to mix CBD oil with antidepressants.

Relieves Symptoms Associated With AIDS

There are many symptoms associated with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, better known as AIDS. These symptoms include fever, headache, joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat and swollen lymph glands. While there are prescription medications available to treat these symptoms, some patients prefer more natural alternatives, such as Charlotte’s Web CBD oil.

Reports show that Charlotte’s Web has the ability to ease muscle aches and headaches associated with AIDS and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Again, it is not recommended to combine CBD oil with prescription medications. However, it is perfectly okay to seek the advice of your primary care physician.


Glaucoma is a hereditary eye disease that leads to vision loss. This particular disease has also been linked to poorly controlled diabetes. Studies have revealed that Charlotte’s Web and other CBD oils may prevent the further development of glaucoma after surgery.

Some surgeons prescribe their patients Canasol, an eye drop that contains CBD, after undergoing glaucoma surgery. While Charlotte’s Web is mostly utilized in tincture form, some medical experts believe that it could also be helpful for this purpose.

Improves Focus

Many people have difficulty concentrating on specific tasks. This group of people consist of college students, CEOs, physicians, housewives, elementary students and teachers. All of these individuals could benefit from Charlotte’s web. Just a few drops will go a long way in improving focus, even for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Reports show that Charlotte’s Web and other CBD oils can enhance focus. However, to receive these great benefits, you must monitor your dosage very carefully. Even though CBD oil is a natural product, it is believed to have some mild side effects. These side effects – dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue – could be increased in higher doses. It is recommended to start out with a small dose, increasing gradually to reach the maximum dose.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation can be a serious problem. It can decrease your mobility and make it tough for you to live a normal life. Thankfully, there are some CBD oils that can help reduce that inflammation and Charlotte’s Web tends to be one of the most effective. By using this CBD oil, you’ll be able to get back up on your feet and start living life once again!


PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder is a very serious problem. Many people mistakenly believe that PTSD is only going to impact soldiers returning from war. While they are indeed a large portion of the patient base, they’re not the only ones who may be impacted. In fact, it is possible for many people to experience this terrible problem at some point or another. If you’ve experienced a traumatic event, there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to deal with PTSD in the aftermath. People who have been sexually or physically assaulted may have PTSD.

It is also possible to develop PTSD after an unexpected death in the family or a natural disaster. Unfortunately, there is no reliable solution to the problem. This is where Charlotte’s Web CBD oil enters the picture. This oil is capable of relieving the symptoms associated with PTSD, without causing the patient any serious side effects. Plus, they won’t have to worry about walking around in a stupor since the THC content is so low.

Judging The Dosage

There are few to no risks associated with the use of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. Nevertheless, patients need to be very cautious about the dosage. If you take too little, you may not get the results that are desired. With this in mind, you should take the specific dosage recommended for your unique condition and go from there. Increasing the dosage slowly and precisely is recommended. The risks associated with overdoing it will be slim to none.