Vaping with e-liquids has grown extremely popular over the last couple of years due to the fact that it is less harmful than nicotine and doesn’t have any addictive properties. Well, CBD oils have gained just as much popularity due to all the health benefits that the substance is capable of providing. Sure, you can put CBD drops on your tongue, you can rub it into your skin, and even mix in it with edible products, but what about vaping it? Is pen vaping the best way to consume CBD oils and what are the major benefits of vaping as opposed to other methods of consumption?

Why Pen Vaping CBD Oil Is Gaining In Popularity

When you look at everything that you can achieve from vaping CBD oil, it really is easy to understand why this method of consumption is growing in popularity. It is not only one of the easiest methods of consumption, but the end results are extremely quick. In fact, most users claim to get an instantaneous effect right after the first hit. Anyone with chronic or constant pain, seeking relief can take advantage of vaping CBD oils. Edible forms of CBD oils can take anywhere from thirty minutes or longer to take effect due to the fact that the substance has to travel through the bloodstream.

This is something that is bypassed when you choose the vaping method. Unfortunately, some individuals just don’t have thirty minutes to wait around for relief. In addition to this, vaping with a pen will provide you with the accessibility and discreteness that you need to take a hit anytime. If someone sees you pull out a pen and vape, they are probably just going to assume that you are vaping e-liquids.

Always Know Your Equipment

Sure, vaping might sound great, but there really are a lot of facts and considerations that one must take into account before partaking. Not every piece of vaping equipment is created the same, but they all contain four basic components that make the process possible. These components are the battery, heating element or atomizer, mouthpiece, and finally the chamber, which is what actually holds the CBD oil.

The mechanics behind the process is fairly simple, as the heating oil just heats the substance in the chamber (CBD oil) and the user draws his or her hit through the mouthpiece. From this point, there really are just two distinct types of vape machines that are utilized for CBD oils. This would be the pen vaporizer and the tank vaporizer.

The Pen Vaporizer

With the pen vaporizer, you will notice that the heating coils are located in the bottom of the device. It heats up and vaporizes the CBD oil that is located in the chamber. The real major problem with this design is that the CBD isolate is placed directly on the coils, which causes them to wear out quickly. Along with this, when the coils start to breakdown and oxidize they can potentially release metal nanoparticles that could potentially be inhaled. You just have to keep an eye on the wear and tear of the coils and make sure that you are replacing when needed.

Replacement coils can be purchased for right around twenty dollars and can easily be replaced once you gain experience in the process. However, this doesn’t mean that the coil life can’t be extended. You can get a longer lifespan out of the coils by only using pure CBD isolates. Anything with flavor additives or residue coated leaves will speed up the oxidation process.

Tank Style Vaporizer

The tank style vaporizers are best known for the big billowing clouds that they are capable of producing. These machines are more technical, as they require an e-liquid, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and CBD. While the heating coils are located on the inside and wrapped with cotton, nylon, or silica, you will spend more money on these machines due to mixture of all the substances. However, these devices are available in disposable and refillable versions. A disposable, sometimes referred to as a cartomizer, basically just comes prefilled with disposable cartridges. These styles are usually constructed of cheaper materials and tend to breakdown faster.

Anyone looking to use one of these devices for CBD oil would be best off to invest in a refillable version.

Providing A Healthier Option

Most people are going to tell you that smoking is going to have negative effects on your body, whether you are utilizing cannabis or tobacco. And, this is true for the most part, but vaping CBD oil is less risker than one might think. When you are vaping, it requires much less heat than smoking. Why is less heat better? Less heat means you are able to avoid combustion and the irritants that are produced by the process. In addition to this, vaping is a lot easier on the lungs.

Even vaping with propylene glycol can ease the process and make it healthier because it is a thinning agent, which means that it is thinning out the vapor even more. Propylene glycol is a substance that has already been approved as a food additive, but there are some individuals who have reported allergic reactions and throat irritations when consuming it. This is just something to keep in mind. If this is something that might concern you, there is always the option of vegetable glycerin.

Know The Difference Between Cannabis CBD Oil And Hemp CBD Oil

If you are just starting out in the CBD and vaping world, there is a good chance that you have noticed the different types of oils for sale. This is the cannabis CBD oil and the hemp CBD oil. The two substances are different. Hemp will contain more CBD and cannabis CBD oil will contain a higher THC rating. It is true that cannabinoids are found in both marijuana and hemp products, but they are completely different. To start off, hemp oil only contains trace amount of THC and has more medicinal properties, therefore it is legal to shop across state lines. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about cannabis CBD oils.